First Chancellor Miller Fanpage

1. His full name is Aaron Chancellor Miller.
2. His mom got the name Chancellor from a soap opera (think it might have been "the young and the restless").

3. He's got blue eyes, but they can look greenish if he wears a green shirt.

4. He was an actor for 7 years.

5. He does miss California and all of his friends there.

6. ButheI loves all the ones he has there in Maysville. 

7. His parents are pretty cool people, for their age. haha. jk.

8. He's very close to his 2 brothers and sisters and  loves them very much.

9. He has a niece, almost 2, and a nephew, 11.

10. Eminem is the best rapper in history. Just his opinion, but it's true.

11. He's a sports fanatic, especially basketball and football.

12. Boston Celtics are his NBA team!

13. NFL - Philadelphia Eagles and he still loves the Bengals.

14. You can usually catch him listening to Ne-Yo or any other R&B music, but he listens to a variety.

15. He tends to reminisce about past events like when he danced in local talent shows or the greatest first grade class ever!

16. He's a very caring person, always thinking about other people before hisself, which has had negative repercussions.

17. He has a minor case of OCD (ie. things in his room have to be in their proper place, his handwriting has to look a certain way, etc.)

18. Steak always puts him in a good mood. =)

19. Is there a reason for certain foods like asparagus, brussels sprouts, or anchovies? He means, c'mon!

20. He trys way too hard for things to be perfect. Unfortunate habit of his.

21. He really cares about what other people think of him.

22. Can't go anywhere without wearing some kind of cologne.

23. He can't stand cocky people or people that live to cause problems. They need to wise up.

24. Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and he is not ashamed of that fact, whatsoever.

25. Only had one girlfriend in his life, lasted a month.

26. He's a metrosexual (NO, that does not mean I'm gay. 100% straight). A metrosexual is a straight guy that cares about his appearance.

27. He has seen SO many movies, He has tons of DVDs, and he has way too many favorite movies. haha

28. Bruno Mars is amazing!

29. Girls are complicated, but us guys can be too, so he guesses we're even. =)

30. He feels that locking and unlocking your phone is way too easy. And it's pretty dumb to display the instructions on the phone. Why can't other phone companies take after the iPhone and let us have passwords?

31. The "guidos" and "guidettes" from Jersey Shore are freakin dumb, but very entertaining.

32. He wants to find The Bailey School Kids books he used to read when he was a kid.

 33. He may want to live in Chicago someday.

34. Apparently, Cory Childers nickname is not Goose. It is The Goose is Loose. hahahaha. Oh, Goose.

 35. He prefers to use full sentences and proper grammar when he types or speak.

 36. Denzel Washington is a beast of an actor. His dream is to meet him before he (Chancellor) dies.

37. The Watson and Mills families are the best!

 38. He works at Applebee's as the Carside guy. Order some food from me sometime. ;)

 39.He loves the person that came up with the idea to record and rewind television.

 40. Although he loves it, he sucks at multiplayer on Call of Duty.

 41. He has a cat that thinks she's a mountain lion. lol.

42. Hot Rod, Anchorman, and Dumb & Dumber are the funniest movies ever made.

 43. He's currently trying to lose some weight, so he gotta cut out the pop and sweets. =(

 44. He looks for a sweet, fun personality in a girl and she can't be lazy.

 45. Which reminds him,heg has the biggest crush on Carrie Underwood.

 46. He respects Brett Favre for still paying at the age of 40.

 47. He usually won't like a pair of shoes unless they are white.

 48. He takes really long showers.

 49. He loves Psychology and plan on that being his major in college.

 50. I can't believe that I found 50 things to write about him. haha.

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