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JammX is a children's hip-hop dance group created by producer Merv Adelson. JammX is composed of nine multicultural dancers aged 9 to 17. JammX was created with the intent to encourage children to be active and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The group's mantra is to Get Kids Dancing (G.K.D). JammX has a partnership with D.A.R.E and as part of their healthy living message; the group promotes abstinence from drugs. JammX is currently in the studio recording with a variety of hitmaker songwriter and producers, such as Drew Lane, Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music and EMI's The Beat Royalty Group.

Chancellor has always loved dancing since he could walk. He started entering contests, if he was 7 and won child dancer of the year 2003 in L.A. After this step in showbiz he started went on to television. The family Miller moved from Kentucky to California and Chancellor became 1 of 9 kids in a dance group called “JammX Kids”. With his nine-member dance group he went in 2006 to U.S. tour and produced the single “keep u dancing”. Chancellor toured for Radio Disney in the U.S. with the JammX Kids summer of 2006. Recording a single with producer Randy Jackson (American Idol) and the JammX called "Keep you dancing".

Titel 1: Keep U Dancing (Single)

Titel 2 : Shake

Titel 3: In The House

Titel 4: Hey DJ  (Single)

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